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Reindeer of Realtime Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree

BY: Anissa Nierenberger
POSTED January 10, 2023 IN
News & Updates

Anissa is giving away four gifts; Two Translation Tune-Ups and Two “Simpler Syllables” books! The four winners will be drawn from those who post their favorite holiday song on the Learn To Caption page in FB.

Since 1992, Anissa Nierenberger has pursued her passion for captioning into three distinct areas; Anissa Captions, her proprietary software Dictionary Jumpstart, and training and education programs.
Words in your dictionary are like clothes in your closet!
Clothes in your closet are like words in your dictionary…they’re… Read More »Words in your dictionary are like clothes in your closet!
Special Get up and Gear up edition from LearnToCaption and LearnToRealtime!
Facebook Live – One-On-One Training
If you missed Anissa’s Facebook Live presentation on One-On-One Training this… Read More »Facebook Live – One-On-One Training
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