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It’s time to move your career forward.

Leading. Instruction.

Anissa's passion is helping stenographers achieve their realtime goals. Her vast experience as a captioner as well as obtaining her Bachelor's in Realtime Reporting makes her the perfect realtime instructor.

Over 1200 stenographers have achieved their reatime goals and certifications after training with Anissa.  Anissa’s passion, professionalism and dedication to her students sets Learn To Caption training apart from any other in the industry.

Realtime and Captioning Training

How it All Starts…

We start with a simple writing review.  Assessing your realtime level assures that you are enrolled in the right course, thus setting you up for success!

Step 1:

Open a realtime file. Download and write this file one time (4:02). Please do not edit the file.

Step 2:

Complete the questionnaire and upload your .rtf or .txt file for your free individual review. *Both documents are required to complete your review.

“Anissa is a phenomenal teacher! She’s really found her second true calling.”


“Training with Anissa was invaluable! It was well worth the investment.  I realized how much I was paying to the IRS every year and decided it was time to start spending some of that money on bettering my skills.  It’s the best thing I ever did, and I had fun while I was doing it! My writing looks so much better. I have cleaned up a lot of word boundary issues and learned lots of new briefs at the same time!  Anissa is so calm and patient and seems to have an answer for any conflict. Thanks, Anissa!”

Nancy Towler

“When I started One-on-One Training with Anissa, I don’t think I had a clear understanding of what we were going to do. I love what we’re doing! And I now understand that having the best dictionary you possibly can is what makes you a great reporter.”

K. Ince

“Anissa’s workshops make a difference! Because of the consistent system that I learned in ‘What’s in a Name,’ my jobs are smooth sailing! Her presentation on brief families inspired me to add a new family every day. One brief family alone has saved me well over 10,000 strokes in the last two years! I’m a better and more confident writer! Anissa is a gift to our profession.”

Claire Baldi, RPR

“I felt like my job was in a rut. I saw a decline in my skills and wasn’t sure why. Training with Anissa has changed my life! I’m seeing improvement every single day!”

Kelly Hassell, RPR
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