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Peak Performance Realtime Training


Course includes:

  • Earn 0.7 CEUs
  • Four 1- hour online sessions with Anissa
  • Two recorded webinars
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to “Anissa’s Hour of Steno Power”
    Group Meetings – First Monday of Every Month
  • Simpler Syllables book ($40 value)
  • Dictionary Jumpstart Realtime Version ($40)

This customized training will solve all of your realtime problems!  Anissa will meet with you every other week online for four 1-hour sessions. Meeting times are scheduled at your convenience and she will be your note taker! Anissa will address your questions along with theory and word boundary issues, writing shorter, numbers, prefixes and suffixes. There is no other training like this available in the industry. It’s never too late to be what you might have been!

*Must be completed within three months

Peak Performance 1:1 Training FAQs

Who should sign up for Peak Performance 1:1 Realtime Training (PPRT)?
a. Any stenographer, whether you just graduated or are already working.
b. Stenographers who know that they are spending way too much time editing but just can’t seem to crack the code on how to hone their skills on their own.
c. Court reporters who dream of working as a captioner but don’t know where to start.
d. Stenographers looking to move up in their career by getting the CRR or taking on more workload in the same amount of time.
e. Stenographers who seek certainty and confidence that when they sit down to write, they will perform at peak levels every time.
f. Stenographers who are dedicated to always learning and who are willing to put in the work to be the best that they can be.
g. Stenographers with many years of experience who want to learn the changing technology, trends, and teachings that will help keep them relevant and current.
h. Stenographers with a growth mindset and who are willing to be open-minded and learn from the best in the business.
i. People looking for a community of peers to learn from, cheer on, and share within a friendly, energetic environment.
Who is not a candidate for Peak Performance Realtime Training?
a. Someone who is interested in stenography but has not completed school yet.
b. Anyone who is not willing to put in 100% effort and commit to applying the methods presented in PPRT.
c. Stenographers who are stuck in their ways, not willing to learn technology, write in realtime, and who think that they know better than everyone else.
What do I get with my training?

Answer: You will earn 0.7 CEUs. You’ll receive the Simpler Syllables book ($40 value) and the Dictionary Jumpstart Realtime version ($40). Lifetime access to your learning materials.

When can I train with Anissa?

Answer: Anissa trains mornings, afternoons and evenings Mondays through Thursdays.

How do I schedule my sessions with Anissa?

Answer: You will have access to Calendly to schedule your sessions with Anissa

How long will I have access to the learning materials?

Answer: You will have lifetime access to the learning materials!

How often will I meet with Anissa for my 1:1 sessions over Zoom?

Answer: Anissa recommends meeting every two weeks, three weeks at the most, to stay on track! You will continue working on things after your four sessions with Anissa since we may not be able to incorporate everything quickly.

How long do I have to complete my four 1-hour sessions with Anissa?

Answer: The four 1-hour online sessions with Anissa must be completed within 90 days.

Can I reschedule my sessions if something comes up?

Answer: You are allowed to reschedule ONE session. If you miss a session, you will lose that hour of training. Additional hours are available at $225/hr.

How much notice do I need to provide Anissa to reschedule?

Answer: A 24-hour notice is needed to reschedule one session. In the event of an emergency, Anissa will do her best to work with you.

Can I talk with someone before enrolling in PPRT?

Answer: Yes! You may book a 10-minute discovery call with Anissa’s team to answer your questions or to help you get registered.

Can I email Anissa with questions in between my sessions?

Answer: Questions will not be answered in between sessions. Anissa is happy to answer your questions at the beginning of every session so keep a list ready for her to answer.

What if I’m a beginner and I need more than four hours of training with Anissa?

Answer: Additional hours of training are available at $225/hr.

Will I get Dictionary Jumpstart with my training?

Answer: You will receive a Realtime version of Dictionary Jumpstart that contains 10 files.

Should I get Realtime Coach?

Answer: If your goal is to pass the CRR, Anissa highly recommends that you acquire a subscription to Realtime Coach.

Leading. Instruction.

Anissa's passion is helping stenographers achieve their realtime goals. Her vast experience as a captioner as well as obtaining her Bachelor's in Realtime Reporting makes her the perfect realtime instructor.

Over 1200 stenographers have achieved their reatime goals and certifications after training with Anissa.  Anissa’s passion, professionalism and dedication to her students sets Learn To Caption training apart from any other in the industry.

“I decided to rewrite a few jobs, applying what I’ve learned in only ONE session from Anissa and it’s been a HUGE difference in my untrans! I was SHOCKED! I would gladly take the time to rewrite a 100-page job because I know that it will save me a ton of editing time after training with Anissa. I’ve been unenthused about reporting for a decade. I’ve found that the spark is reemerging after years!”

Linda Ramirez
Court Stenographer

“In Anissa’s training, you will receive 100% of her positive attitude, enthusiasm and passion for helping reporters! After ONE session with her using her foolproof method, my untranslates nearly disappeared! Anissa gave me that fresh-out-of-school, my-fingers-are-on-fire, I-can-do-anything feeling! Anissa’s program is a big, giant WOW!!!  Her program is an absolute MUST!  It pays for itself after ONE session.”

Katherine Laney

I didn’t suddenly get more skilled.  I suddenly got more coached, and that has helped me to get the most out of my skill.

Michael A. Bouley, RDR

The ROI on training with Anissa is immeasurable!  I have seen reporters go from being scared to death to being able to hook up to realtime and output to multiple attorneys with daily copy using real-time scopists — with confidence! Professionally trained stenographers are a must if the profession is going to survive. Get certified! You will never regret investing in yourself!


“Anissa is second to none as a trainer. I just completed fabulous training with her and I highly recommend it to reporters.”

Christina Sarisky, RPR
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