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Taking realtime captioning to the next level through education, training and speaking engagements nationwide

A Premier Realtime and Captioning Instructor

One of the nation's leading Realtime and Captioning educators and speakers, as well as a leading realtime captioner

The Creator of Dictionary Jumpstart

Get Dictionary Jumpstart, a state-of-the-art realtime dictionary building software, developed to expand your dictionary and boost accurate translation

Build your vocabulary in a fraction of the time

Dictionary Jumpstart is a realtime dictionary-building software that allows you to cut your editing time by helping you build your dictionary faster and more completely than any other software in the industry.

Meet Anissa.

Researcher & Creator of
Dictionary Jumpstart

Anissa is a leader in realtime and closed captioning for sports, legislature, local TV programming and a variety of Fortune 500 companies. She also offers on-site and remote CART captioning for events including conventions, conference calls, tech, meetings and weddings.

Instruction & Training

Anissa provides Peak Performance One-on-One Realtime Training along with broadcast captioning and CART training. 

Upcoming Speaking Engagements:

  • Steno in the City, April 12, 2024, Long Beach, CA
  • CalDRA, April 26, 2024, San Diego, CA
  • Idaho Official Reporters, May 6, 2024, Boise, ID
  • NCRA, August 1, 2024, Louisville, KY 

“In Anissa’s training, you will receive 100% of her positive attitude, enthusiasm and passion for helping reporters! After ONE session with her using her foolproof method, my untranslates nearly disappeared! Anissa gave me that fresh-out-of-school, my-fingers-are-on-fire, I-can-do-anything feeling! Anissa’s program is a big, giant WOW!!!  Her program is an absolute MUST!  It pays for itself after ONE session.”

Katherine Laney
"I was new to the CART world when I first started working with Anissa, but when I completed her class, I felt like an expert. My dictionary improved immensely; far beyond what I could have done on my own."
Kayla C.
CART Captioner
"The one-on-one training that I received from Anissa was invaluable! Anissa gives you new ways to think about how you write. I would definitely recommend Anissa and LearnToCaption!"
Susan A. Zielie
“I have had the pleasure of working with Anissa close to 25 years and her professionalism and unwavering dedication to our industry is unmatched.”
Larry Driver, RDR, CRC
Closed Caption Productions
“Anissa Nierenberger exemplifies the highest standards as a professional broadcast captioner with regard to accuracy, speed, and knowledge.”
Debbie Dusseljee, CRC

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