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Taking realtime captioning to the next level through education, training and speaking engagements nationwide

A Premier Realtime and Captioning Instructor

One of the nation's leading Realtime and Captioning educators and speakers, as well as a leading realtime captioner

The Creator of Dictionary Jumpstart

Get Dictionary Jumpstart, a state-of-the-art realtime dictionary building software, developed to expand your dictionary and boost accurate translation

Build your vocabulary in a fraction of the time

Dictionary Jumpstart is a realtime dictionary-building software that allows you to cut your editing time by helping you build your dictionary faster and more completely than any other software in the industry.

Meet Anissa.

Researcher & Creator of
Dictionary Jumpstart

Anissa is a leader in realtime and closed captioning for sports, legislature, local TV programming and a variety of Fortune 500 companies. She also offers on-site and remote CART captioning for events including conventions, conference calls, tech, meetings and weddings.

Instruction & Training

Anissa provides online Broadcast Captioning and CART training along with one-on-one realtime training. She also offers Translation Tune-Ups to professionals who want to reduce the number of untranslates and mistranslates as well as reduce their editing time with Dictionary Jumpstart.

Upcoming Speaking Engagements:

  • Massachusetts Court Reporters Association, April 1, 2023, Online
  • Arizona Court Reporters Association, April 22, 2023, Tempe, AZ
  • Los Angeles County Court Reporters (LACCRA), July 15, 2023, In-Person
  • NCRA Annual Convention, July 27, 2023, Houston, TX
  • Kentucky Court Reporters Association, September 8, 2023, In-Person
  • Los Angeles County Court Reporters (LACCRA), November 4, 2023, Online

I didn’t suddenly get more skilled.  I suddenly got more coached, and that has helped me to get the most out of my skill.

Michael A. Bouley, RDR

The ROI on training with Anissa is immeasurable!  I have seen reporters go from being scared to death to being able to hook up to realtime and output to multiple attorneys with daily copy using real-time scopists — with confidence! Professionally trained stenographers are a must if the profession is going to survive. Get certified! You will never regret investing in yourself!


“Anissa is second to none as a trainer. I just completed fabulous training with her and I highly recommend it to reporters.”

Christina Sarisky, RPR

“Anissa is a phenomenal teacher! She’s really found her second true calling.”


“Training with Anissa was invaluable! It was well worth the investment.  I realized how much I was paying to the IRS every year and decided it was time to start spending some of that money on bettering my skills.  It’s the best thing I ever did, and I had fun while I was doing it! My writing looks so much better. I have cleaned up a lot of word boundary issues and learned lots of new briefs at the same time!  Anissa is so calm and patient and seems to have an answer for any conflict. Thanks, Anissa!”

Nancy Towler

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If you have any questions or have purchased one of our legacy software downloads and need assistance, please contact support.

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