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Are You a REAL Realtimer?

BY: Anissa Nierenberger
POSTED January 10, 2023 IN
News & Updates

Myth: There is a shortage of qualified court reporters.
Reality: There is a shortage of qualified realtime reporters.
My question to you: Are you a Real Realtimer?


We’ve been talking about realtime now for over 25 years. Perhaps we’ve been hitting the snooze button a few too many times. After all, 90% of reporters are working much harder than they should be.


What is realtime?

According to NCRA, certified realtime means a 96% total accuracy ratio. Realtime is not just hooking up your writer and watching your computer screen. The quality of your realtime is what makes you a realtime reporter. Quality realtime means no conflicts, minimal untranslates, and minimal mistranslates. If your screen shows you choices in brackets and red untrans, this is not realtime.


My goal? The path of least resistance geared toward YOUR realtime goals.

Would you like to earn more money?
Would you enjoy more “You” time?
Do you want your realtime to look really pretty so that you WANT to show it to people?


I’ve had the privilege of helping over 500 reporters accomplish their realtime goals whether it’s been becoming proficient realtimers, passing the CRR, transitioning into CART captioning or broadcast captioning.

Guess what?
You can be next!
One-on-One, just you and me online!


LearnToCaption’s One-on-One training is unique because it is customized to you!


So… are you a REAL realtimer? There’s never been a better time to achieve A+ realtime!

Sign up today! I look forward to helping you move your career forward!

Since 1992, Anissa Nierenberger has pursued her passion for captioning into three distinct areas; Anissa Captions, her proprietary software Dictionary Jumpstart, and training and education programs.
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