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One-on-One Training Around the World!

BY: Anissa Nierenberger
POSTED January 10, 2023 IN
News & Updates

Always Learning and Growing

Continuing to learn and develop our skills is often overlooked. Sometimes it’s hard to branch out and get the education we need when the bills have to be paid and kids need to be looked after. Although it can be difficult to find the time, continuing education is an investment in your future that will help you to make more money and give you confidence in your work.

With a shortage of reporters and captioners, now more than ever, you should invest in yourself to stay ahead and make the most out of your skillset. Whether you are a skilled court reporter looking to branch out to freelance, or a CART provider looking to increase their realtime abilities, you can always be training, growing, and advancing.


Want to advance your career?

Get $50 off One on One Training with Code ONE50ONE


Kerrie from Australia is currently in the 4-month Caption Masters Course. She has been a captioner for over 15 years and wanted to brush up on her skills. She says,

“Caption Masters is a must-do course for any court reporter wanting to be a captioner.  Caption Masters is also good for current captioners that want to improve their writing accuracy to become even better at what they do. Along with the dictionary building and briefs, I’ve found the personalized feedback to be a great help in identifying problem areas to take my writing to the next level. Anissa is a great instructor and I highly recommend this course.”

– Kerrie in Sydney, Austrailia.

Find a Mentor

“How can I do this?” you may ask. In such a tight niche of stenography, proper training beyond the classroom can be hard to come by. That is why it is imperative to find a mentor or coach. Don’t try and do it all yourself! You need someone with the experience and knowledge to guide you to the next step. Mentors can offer much-needed advice and direction and enable you to achieve your goals in this profession.

Using GoToMeeting as a live virtual classroom space, you have the opportunity to learn from some of the best in the profession.

Learn To Caption was built through years of knowledge in the industry and has developed software that has helped hundreds of reporters improve their dictionaries and allowed them to explore other areas of reporting such as captioning and CART captioning.

While others may provide you information and leave you to learn it for yourself, Anissa coaches you through your individual concerns (such as word boundary issues, numbers, prefixes, suffixes, writing shorter, etc.) and progress you toward the next chapter in your career!


Training Around the World

Deirdre, all the way in Meath, Ireland, (seven hours ahead!) has been training one on one with Anissa for a few weeks and says this,

“After our one-on-one sessions I am writing cleaner and faster with less hesitation. I definitely feel more confident providing realtime. Thanks, Anissa!!”

– Deirdre in Meath, Ireland

Regardless of your calendar or time zone, we are here to work with you around your busy schedule!


Take a leap to a brighter future by adding new skills that will help you to stick out from the rest. While any change worth making requires sacrifice, the time and effort you put into the completion of the online courses and One on One Training will give a much-needed boost to your career. Take a look and get started today!

Since 1992, Anissa Nierenberger has pursued her passion for captioning into three distinct areas; Anissa Captions, her proprietary software Dictionary Jumpstart, and training and education programs.
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