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“I decided to rewrite a few jobs, applying what I’ve learned in only ONE session from Anissa and it’s been a HUGE difference in my untrans! I was SHOCKED! I would gladly take the time to rewrite a 100-page job because I know that it will save me a ton of editing time after training with Anissa. I’ve been unenthused about reporting for a decade. I’ve found that the spark is reemerging after years!”

Linda Ramirez
Court Stenographer

“In Anissa’s training, you will receive 100% of her positive attitude, enthusiasm and passion for helping reporters! After ONE session with her using her foolproof method, my untranslates nearly disappeared! Anissa gave me that fresh-out-of-school, my-fingers-are-on-fire, I-can-do-anything feeling! Anissa’s program is a big, giant WOW!!!  Her program is an absolute MUST!  It pays for itself after ONE session.”

Katherine Laney

I didn’t suddenly get more skilled.  I suddenly got more coached, and that has helped me to get the most out of my skill.

Michael A. Bouley, RDR

The ROI on training with Anissa is immeasurable!  I have seen reporters go from being scared to death to being able to hook up to realtime and output to multiple attorneys with daily copy using real-time scopists — with confidence! Professionally trained stenographers are a must if the profession is going to survive. Get certified! You will never regret investing in yourself!


“Anissa is second to none as a trainer. I just completed fabulous training with her and I highly recommend it to reporters.”

Christina Sarisky, RPR

“Anissa is a phenomenal teacher! She’s really found her second true calling.”


“Training with Anissa was invaluable! It was well worth the investment.  I realized how much I was paying to the IRS every year and decided it was time to start spending some of that money on bettering my skills.  It’s the best thing I ever did, and I had fun while I was doing it! My writing looks so much better. I have cleaned up a lot of word boundary issues and learned lots of new briefs at the same time!  Anissa is so calm and patient and seems to have an answer for any conflict. Thanks, Anissa!”

Nancy Towler

“When I started One-on-One Training with Anissa, I don’t think I had a clear understanding of what we were going to do. I love what we’re doing! And I now understand that having the best dictionary you possibly can is what makes you a great reporter.”

K. Ince

“Anissa’s workshops make a difference! Because of the consistent system that I learned in ‘What’s in a Name,’ my jobs are smooth sailing! Her presentation on brief families inspired me to add a new family every day. One brief family alone has saved me well over 10,000 strokes in the last two years! I’m a better and more confident writer! Anissa is a gift to our profession.”

Claire Baldi, RPR

“I felt like my job was in a rut. I saw a decline in my skills and wasn’t sure why. Training with Anissa has changed my life! I’m seeing improvement every single day!”

Kelly Hassell, RPR

“Anissa’s method makes sense in my brain, so I am able to make the changes stick when I’m writing.  The way she organizes the steps gives me hope that I CAN accomplish my goal of writing realtime and passing the certification. I am grateful beyond words for your sincere enthusiasm and coaching for my success!”

Jill Cutter, RPR

“Last week, my witness said Humpty-Dumpty and, due to my work in Dictionary Jumpstart, guess what perfectly translated??? Yep! Anissa R. Nierenberger and DJ totally rock!!

Teresa Cruise

“All of my training with Anissa last year is really clicking and I’m able to turn over more pages with less sweat than ever before! I have a tremendous amount of respect for her.”

M. Herrada, RPR

“After only ONE session, I can see so much improvement in my transcripts. It is absolutely unbelievable. I apologized to my hubby last night for wasting so much of our together-time due to (editing).”

Lisa Neal

“I’ve been dreading working on a long transcript, but I started this morning and it is just beautiful. I am flying through it! Working with Anissa in One-on-One Realtime training is helping restore work/life balance to my life.”

Cami Connell
"I was new to the CART world when I first started working with Anissa, but when I completed her class, I felt like an expert. My dictionary improved immensely; far beyond what I could have done on my own."
Kayla C.
CART Captioner
"The one-on-one training that I received from Anissa was invaluable! Anissa gives you new ways to think about how you write. I would definitely recommend Anissa and LearnToCaption!"
Susan A. Zielie
"I wish I would have done one-on-one training with Anissa years ago. I think everyone should take this, if nothing else just to save time on editing. It is well worth their time and money."
Donna Chafins
Court Reporter
"One-On-One training with Anissa has improved my realtime so much and I feel a lot more confident in giving it to my judge. It has been a game changer."
Kelly Spears
Court Reporter
"I don't think I have ever been this excited to be a court reporter! Anissa is so motivating and makes learning realtime exciting and fun!"
Allison Ross
Court Reporter
“Exemplary skills combined with consistent errorless execution equates to Anissa’s great work product.”
Phil Hyssong
Alternative Communication Services
“After 20 years of reporting, I decided it was time for a change. Two months after completing Caption Masters, I was live on-air. One of the best decisions I've ever made!”
Jodi Crutchfield
“It's the first time in 23 years I look forward to going to work!”
Kathleen Wilkins
“After 25 years of court reporting, Caption Masters opened my eyes to a whole new way of looking at my writing, writing smarter and cleaner, focusing on perfect translation, and has taught me it IS attainable, allowing me to transition from court reporting to CART and live TV captioning. Thank you, Anissa! YOU ROCK!!”
Karen White
“Caption Masters was the catalyst I needed to get on air as a broadcast captioner. Not only did I become a better reporter, but I am a captioner, one of my lifetime goals! I would HIGHLY recommend Caption Masters - Anissa was awesome!”
Cheryl Rooney
“I was hired by a captioning company & I credit Caption Masters for preparing me on what to expect, preparing/tweaking my dictionary & writing style and I highly recommend this course.”
Debi Pangburn
“Through her excellent teaching skills and dedication to each of her professional students that doesn't end at course completion - offering invaluable tips and guidance on writing, effective practicing and dictionary building and maintenance. Anissa has greatly helped this 37-year court reporting veteran on the road to our profession's Ph.D. jewel, closed captioning."
Aaron R. Alweis
"Anissa is a great instructor and prepared me well for my captioning career, which will begin upon my retirement from court. I recommend Caption Masters to anyone who wants to pursue a captioning career or just improve their writing skills. It was a fantastic course, and I can't even begin to tell you all I learned.”
Sara Lerschen
“Captions Masters was the catalyst in my transitioning from court reporting to CART/captioning. It was well worth it. I also used Dictionary Jumpstart. I trusted the process of those two things, and now I'm working in the field of CART/captioning.”
Candy Thomas
“I would highly recommend Caption Masters. I've been a broadcast captioner for almost a year now. Anissa is a hands-on instructor, and is there for you every step of the way & beyond. This class helped me make the transition from being a court reporter for 20-plus years to becoming a captioner.”
Lisa Grau
“I always thought cleaning up my writing after so many years would be this huge process that would take years and Caption Masters made it simple and effective in four months.”
Emily Niles
“Anissa is an INCREDIBLE instructor. I hope to be like her someday!”
Madonna Farrell
“I have had the pleasure of working with Anissa close to 25 years and her professionalism and unwavering dedication to our industry is unmatched.”
Larry Driver, RDR, CRC
Closed Caption Productions
“Anissa Nierenberger exemplifies the highest standards as a professional broadcast captioner with regard to accuracy, speed, and knowledge.”
Debbie Dusseljee, CRC
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