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Learn To CART Training Course


Cost: $500 (4-week course)
0.4 Continuing Education Units
Start this course anytime!
CART Training is a new and innovative 4-week training program that will prepare you for a career as a CART captioner. This program has been specifically designed by experts in the field to provide students with hands-on training through online class sessions, manual review, dictionary builders, and realtime writing evaluations. (Yes, this means you’ll have homework!)
Your current CAT software is all you’ll need for this class – no captioning software is required.
Entry Requirements: Proficient realtime writers. Thorough knowledge of CAT software is required.

The two steps below are required before starting your course.

We start with a simple writing review.  Assessing your realtime level assures that you are enrolled in the right course, thus setting you up for success!

Step 1:

Open a realtime file. Download and write this file one time (4:02). Please do not edit the file.

Step 2:

Complete the questionnaire and upload your .rtf or .txt file for your free individual review. *Both documents are required to complete your review.

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