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DJ – Comprehensive Package

Original price was: $3,348.00.Current price is: $979.00.

Get the Dictionary Jumpstart™ Comprehensive Package which includes ALL of our DJ Modules that are available to you (Save over $2,000!).
The Comprehensive Package includes:

Environment $279


Acid rain, colors, environment, EPA terms, flocculation, measurement, science, space, wastewater, weather terms, animals, cats & dogs, dinosaurs, fish, flowers, trees, appliances, cleaning products, cookware, dishware, flooring, furniture, paints, windows. 25 files; over 9,000 entries


Food & Health $279


Beverages, candy, cereals, eateries, food, liquor, medical, medicine, spices, all FDA-approved medications; over-the-counter, prescription, name brand and generic. 45 files; over 19,000 entries


Media $279


Correspondents from news networks, magazines, networks, newspapers, TV shows, brokers, company names, computer terms, financial terms, money, historical events. 11 files; over 13,500 entries


Names $ 279


Boys and girls names, brand names, Indian tribes, top 7,000 most common surnames according to the U.S. Census Bureau, airlines, automobiles, cartoon characters, games, gemstones, holidays, music, actors, actresses, artists, models, musicians, writers & fashion. 20 files; over 20,000 entries


Phrases $279


A Court Reporter’s Dream! An extensive list of phrases derived from the “StenEd Realtime Dictionary of Briefs & Phrases.” From ‘aggravated assault and battery’ to ‘thank you, your honor,’ you’ll be writing smarter, not harder! Also included is a list of the 1,000 most common words*. Can you write them all in one stroke? (*Not required for PDCs). Over 4,500 phrases


Sports $279


Terms, teams, famous players, Hall of Fame members for baseball, bowling, boxing, basketball, football, golf, hockey, ice skating, tennis plus, a listing of other sports. 10 files; over 6,500 entries


Vocabulary $279


Includes our popular “DJ2” series with over 24,000 words such as lickety-split, gazebo, platoon, masquerade. Prefixes, suffixes, homophones, hyphenated words, legal terms and advanced vocabulary. 30 files; over 33,000 entries


World $279


Countries & capitals, foreign words, Greek, languages, leaders, nations, religion terms, terrorism, explorers, geography, islands, mountains, rivers, seas, U.S. info, World, Bush Administration, governors, house members, senate members, justices, military terms and politics. 25 files; over 15,000 entries


Idioms $279


It’s the best of both worlds…idioms. You are going to look like a million dollars after entering these idioms.  Write the first word along with the one stroke you choose to be your “wild card” stroke as taught by Ed Varallo. The ball’s in your court! 21 files; over 4,300 entries


A Jump Back In Time $279


A Jump Back in Time is a listing of people, places and events in history. Each day has its own page. With over 4500 proper names, this is a fantastic start to rounding out your dictionary if you are considering a CART or captioning career! And better yet, the companion book includes the proper names in Dictionary Jumpstart so you can enter them all in less than five hours! Compiled by a 23-year captioner, these are great things to help your translation on air or in the classroom!

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