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3 Book and STENŌphonătic Bundle

3 Physical Books and STENŌphonătic game
Simpler Syllables
Fantabulous Families
Terrific Tidbits
STENŌphonătic game

Simpler Syllables – Physical Book

NEW!! If you liked “Simple Syllables,” then you’re going to love Anissa’s newest book! Realtime is very doable if we think “little pieces.” You’ll enter prefixes, word pieces and suffixes with Anissa’s outlines as suggestions for you.

Fantabulous Families – Physical Book

It’s simple…. the less strokes we write, the fewer mistakes we’ll make. If you’re interested in shortening your writing in a fun and easy way, Fantabulous Families is for you! Anissa presents 45 easy-to-learn families (100 pages with steno entries). Set a goal of learning one family per week and work smarter, not harder!

Terrific Tidbits – Physical Book

NEW! If you loved Fantabulous Families, Terrific Tidbits will surpass your expectations! It’s a compilation of everything from handy brief families, inspirational quotes, helpful career tips, and tidbits from Anissa that she practices in her own life. Learn over 120 brief pairs, trios and families using FPP55. This 5×7 spiral-bound book is easy to learn, page by page!

STENŌphonătic Game

As you play STENŌphonătic, you may find that you’ve got more insight as to how stenography works.

This 150-year-old art form is the fastest way to type and is still used every day by professional stenographers!

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