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Stand, Sit…What? Standing Desk Review

BY: Anissa Nierenberger
POSTED May 8, 2018 IN
News & Updates



As with most conversations these days, people tend to “either-or” everything. Somehow this sentiment seems to sneak its way away from politics and slither right into our day to day. The “sit-stand debate” has been percolating for a few years now and generally, most seem to staunchly side with one or the other. As someone who spends A LOT of time in front of a screen I’ve found that you’re kinda damned if you don’t do…both. The body and more importantly the mind need a little variety to stay sharp when putting in long hours.
Spent some time researching ergonomics and typing and it led me to purchase a standing desk for my home office.
I love having the option to stand up during a long report and continue my work. Often, I will start the day sitting, ensuring I am set up and ready for a long session. As soon as I am feeling a bit antsy and distracted, I quickly change to a standing position. Having the option to stand keeps me in the zone working for longer. Only sitting and only standing is frowned upon. Moderation of both is key!

Benefits of a standing desk;

1. Improves your concentration
Sometimes I just can’t focus sitting down any longer and need to take a walk around. Sometimes that is not always the best distraction, so instead I stand up and stretch your legs while continuing to work. This can allow you to refocus and be more productive.

2. Increases your creativity
This sounds silly, but standing up can give you a new perspective. After sitting for hours, tasks can get repetitive and seem like a chore. Standing breaks the mundane routine and can unlock new and creative ways of working.

3. Burns calories!
Not exactly a ton, but more than you would be by just sitting at your desk all day! Standing up increases your heart rate, which burns more calories. Studies show standing vs sitting can burn as much as 30,000 calories per year. Add in a few squats or stretches when transitioning between sitting and standing for an added benefit.

4. Standing gives you more energy
In addition to burning calories, an increased heart rate can also give you a boost of energy. Standing desks can reduce stress, leading to an increased mood and energy.

As more and more brands are producing standing desks, it can make deciding on one difficult. I ultimately decided on the FlexiSpot Classic Riser. I love how large the work surface is to fit both monitors and my notes needed for the job. It quickly transitions between sitting and standing and is easy to lift and adjust even when fully loaded. I would recommend a standing desk to anyone serious about productivity, especially those spending hours a day typing like myself.

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